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April Fools! Guess I'm not going to be able to put up a week at once. It'd take me too long between sets. So, you get a comic at a time! Note that I've switched to hand-lettering; now, the only thing I do on the computer is the coloring. Comments can go to my e-mail.

I'm going to try and get back to work on the comic. You'll notice that I've added a progress meter, a la Megatokyo and Girly. I'll release comics a week at a time, Monday through Saturday, as I finish them. If you enjoy The Corruption of Ted, and you notice the meter's been motionless for a few days, e-mail me and yell at me to get to work. Hopefully this system will keep me updating at least once a month, maybe more.

Comic updates will have to be erratic for a little while. If anyone sends me guest strips or fanart, I'll post them, and I'll try to update rather regularly, but I'm probably not going to be doing the four-comic-a-week schedule for a few weeks. Apologies.

Back. Woo.

Well, folks, looks like I'm going to need a little more time to get into the swing of things here, so I'm going to try and take a week off. If I can get myself into a good routine, I'll be back with a comic Friday. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send me a guest comic or two, or even some fan art, I'll post it. Until then, peace.

I have returned, stronger and better than ever! Today marks the start of the "Logarythmic Homeboy" storyline, where our hero learns some important lessons about cultural diversity. And if you haven't noticed it yet, I've started using storyline header images, and I've done one for each "standard" storyline. Use the storyline dropdown to check them out!
Okay, since I got ZERO replies even asking about guest strips, I'm going to make my own filler. For the next month, instead of strips, the site will show the journals of four different characters of COT, one character a day, about one storyline a week. After four weeks, COT will (hopefully) return, better and brighter than ever, with a storyline that does not involve AIs or aliens at all. I have spoken.

In a few weeks, I'm going to be away for a while, and as it's hard to build up large buffers of comics, I would very much appreciate some guest strips from whoever wants to send me some. I need one or two week's worth, 4-8 strips (they don't have to all be from the same person) and I'd like them to be at least tangentially related to my comic. Of course, the artists will get a link from my site. E-mail me if you're interested.

The answer to last week's Super Secret Question was, of course, "The Shadow Knows". The winner was Deimos Fawkes. However, he's the last one. Unless I get some sort of public outcry protesting this, I'm going to stop the contest- it never served much of a point, and it was starting to irritate me. Peace.

It's come to my attention that many people cannot log in in the forums due to a technical glitch of some sort. These people will need to claim that they cannot remember their password, and get a new one e-mailed to them via the automagickal new password form. Accursed buggy web provider for which I pay nothing! I want my money back!

I've done one whole week on a regular schedule! Will I be able to keep it up? Who knows? The answer to last week's Super Secret Question was the Slisnetu. There were no winners. E-mail me if you know the answer to this week's, hidden in the comic. And take my poll, for the love of St. Gulik!

What is this you have for us, ZGGT?
Why, it's a comic.
But it's been only two days since the last one!
That's right.
Thank you very much, ZGGT! However can we thank you?
Well, you can visit my forum and take the poll there. It takes a few minutes to get a username, then a few seconds to vote.
Okay, ZGGT, we will!
Thanks, kiddos!

A new comic is up, as are new storyline title cards! In addition, the answer to the latest Super Secret Question was "Late Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico." There were no winners. The Super Secret question is always hidden in the comic; if you know the answer, e-mail me, and I'll pick a winner at random from the correct entries. Again, please vote in the poll on my forum.

A new comic is up, and I've fixed a few recent comics that had a few details missing. PLEASE visit my forums page and take the poll there. It will literally take 15 seconds, as there is only one question, and I'd really appreciate the input. Thanks.

Another update! Wow! Sorry for the delay, but I should be able to work harder now... and I also switched to the GIMP, since I got ethical pangs about using pirated software. I've also updated the links page, and hopefully I'll make a few little page tweaks. But the comic is my first priority.

An update! I'm back on track! The last Super Secret Answer was "Yes!" There were no winners, unsurprisingly. Try the next one, hidden as always in the comic.

Okay. So, it's obvious I'm having trouble sticking to a schedule, so here's the plan. I've been busy, and the comic schedule intimidates me, so I'll create comics as fast as I can. When I finish one, it'll be released. Might be a day, might be a month. Either way, I'll get *something* done. Sorry to let down the very few fans I have, but it's better than nothing, I guess. Peace.

I'm back!

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Her Wristwatch". There was one winner: Baron. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Introducing the authoritative Commander Efink. He's up on the newly redesigned Character Page.

Also, a link in yesterday's news has now been fixed. Sorry 'bout that, Chief.

Sorry about the mysterious missing site, everybody. Keenspace was switching ISPs. However, with any luck, we should be back in business.

Over the weekend I did a massive site upgrade. The entire site is now using CSS, which means that those of you using archaic browsers will see a site that looks like crap. You might want to upgrade, if that is the case. In addition, the three AIs have been added to the Character Page, which has been drastically redone. Check it out.

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "The Neverending Story". There were no winners, but one answer was very close. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

I'm back.

Apologies, everybody, but I'm gonna take a little time off. Seven days. I'll be back next Friday with Uyulala's appearance.

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Boris Karloff". There were no winners. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Apologies for the comic problems. Keenspace is a bitch sometimes.

The final AI design selections have been made!

The winners are Wildcat Josh Adams and grrrpoop.

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Lewis Carrol". There was one winner: Bob W, again. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Still looking for a female and a neuter design!

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Omega". There was one winner: Bob W. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Bring on the last two designs!

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Humpty Dumpty". There were no winners. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Mark 9000's avatar has been chosen! Thanks to Aaron Littleton for the design. I'm postponing choosing the other two, not because the entries I have are bad, but because there aren't very many of them. Sent in your ideas for the avatars of the female and neuter AI's!

Last week's Super Secret Answer was "Fat". There were two winners: Sharron Traska and Baron. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

One week left for the Character Design Contest! And last week's Super Secret Answer was "Her New Jersey". No one sent in the correct answer... in fact, no one sent in any answers. Try this week's, hidden as always in the comic.

Many apologies, friends. Due to personal problems beyond my control, I've been neglecting the comic lately. But never fear... today I give you last Sunday's comic and a brand spanking new design for the page! And remember... time's almost up for the Character Design Contest

Once again, I'm sorry. Friday's comic is coming on Saturday, and Saturday's on Sunday.

Sorry about the late comic. I've got snew.

The winner of last week's Super Secret Question Contest is Aaron Littleton! The answer was "Armus". Try this week's... post the answer on the forum or e-mail it to me at

Added the evil Principal Nigel Beckenwood to the character page.

Introducing Principal Beckenwood. He'll be on the character page shortly.

I'm back! The answer to last week's Super Secret Question was "Soon-Lee". There were NO winners. Shame on you people. Try again... and enter my Design-a-character contest, too. Starting a new storyline: "On General Principle".

Okay, folks, I'm going to be away for the next week. But don't worry, I arranged for a guest artist to take my place... check out his site, it's really funny. And as a special bonus, I'm starting a Super Secret Question Contest... e-mail me the answer to the question, and, if you're right, I'll post your name on the site!

Added the friendly Ms. Sarah Leybourne to the character page.

I've started a Character Design Contest! If you want to design any of three new characters for my comic, just click on the link! You could already be a winner!

Happy Cartoonist's Day!

It's the start of a brand spanking new storyline! And a new character: Ms. Sarah Leybourne! Her character page will be up shortly.

Yesterday's comic was part of the William Shakespeare 2001 Event! Go here for other strips.

I also added the insatiable Heather Robins to the character page.

New character today: Heather Robins. Her character page will be up shortly.

Happy Death Day, Jesus!

April Fools. I'm not really moving to Geocities, in case you actually believed me. If you did, you probably were on some sort of heavy medication/illegal drug. And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, click the back arrow to see the April 1st strip.
Oh, and the "Loose Women" storyline starts today.

It doesn't look like much, but I did a huge site update today. I added the Fanart link (check out the fantastic picture of Ted and Amanda). I also fixed the code of the comic display table so that it can handle comics of any size without fragmenting. And I finally noticed that the "Characters" button actually said "Charactrers". :b

Wow. I have fanart. I've begun to realize that I actually do have fans... either that or you people are playing a really elaborate joke on me, and have way too much time on your hands. Anyway, I'll put the fanart (from "Michael Rosen Molina") up as soon as I get around to editing my imagemap.
Oh, and the comic evidently updated late today. I don't know why, and I'm sorry, but I'm positive I uploaded it and hit the "update" button. Oh, well.

End of the "In A Family Way" storyline... "Imprisoned Sanity" starts Monday!

Comic is late. I am sick. Hopefully, Friday's will come out on Saturday, and Saturday's on Sunday.

Added the alluring Jamie Parson to the character page.

Damn. The comic's late again. But this time it's not my fault! Hopefully it won't happen again. *sigh*

I'm really sorry about the lateness of today's comic. It's raining in Arizona, and that combined with a computer crash made it so that I'm uploading the comic at 15:45 Arizona time. C'est la vie.

Web page overhaul! Do you like my new design? Whether you do or you don't, please e-mail me at

Photoshop is up and running! That means TEXT! So I've finally got a comic up that looks fine, and I've added speech/thought balloons to Monday's. Yes, Carla is nude. Oh, and expect a major web page overhaul soon. :)

I'm back! Without Photoshop! Damn! I'm trying to use The GIMP, but I don't like the text feature. So this comic doesn't have text. Go figure. But Carla is partially nude.

Added the popular Al Michaels to the character page. He first appears 02/02/2001.

Added the rumored John Parson to the character page. He first appears 01/29/2001.
I also added a links page.

Added the lecherous Mr. Herbert Smythe to the character page. He first appears 01/26/2001. At this rate, I'll have 2000 characters by St. Valentine's Day!

Also, I apologize for the late update. I had an uber-ISP-crash that led to me doing the desperate thing and borrowing a friend's AOL account. Yes, I made a pact with the Devil to bring you this comic. You're welcome. ;)

Added the cold Mr. Nathaniel "Jack" Frost to the character page. He first appears 01/22/2001.

The First Day is over, and the second storyline has commenced! Sketchy details are available on the Storylines page!

Added the beautiful Miss Latanya Jordan to the character page. She first appears 01/12/2001. Also, we are host to the Scarlet Jester!

Added the mysterious Ms. Coalscuttle to the character page! Happy Moose Day!

Sorry for the late update of the comic; Keenspace is a bit unstable. Everything should be working now, though!

The character section has been updated, and I've decided to switch to doing four strips a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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