NOTE: The Character Design Contest is now over. See the character pages to find out who won.

Character Design Contest

You all know Mark 9000, Ted's trusty AI and wise guide through life. And you may think you know what Mark looks like. But all you've seen so far is the computer that Mark's program runs on. You don't know what Mark himself looks like. And guess what? Neither do I.

That's where you come in. I'm looking for designs for the avatars (virtual bodies) of Mark and two other AI's. And if you send your ideas to, your design could get chosen and live for all eternity as a character in The Corruption of Ted!

Here's the deal. I'm looking for one male design for Mark 9000, one female design for the AI of the mysterious Amy, and one asexual design (robot, alien, teacup, etc.) for the AI that Heather Robinson helped set up at the university. Send me sketches, drawings, photos of sculpture, or even textual descriptions of your ideas. The address is

Official Rules:

  1. You may send as many designs as you like.
  2. Only 1 male, 1 female, and 1 "other" design will be chosen. All other contributors will be sent a short explanation as to why their design was not picked. (Subject to change)
  3. The designs must be original, i.e. your own work, not someone else's.
  4. The chosen designs will become my property, although their creators will be given credit on the Characters page.
  5. No whining. I'll be as fair as I can. Unless you bribe me.
  6. If I recieve no worthy submissions in a category by the due date (the end of the upcoming "On General Principle" storyline), I will create a design myself.

Thanks, and good luck!

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