These are links to comics that I believe are worthy of notice.
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Active Webcomics

I read each one of these comics. Every day they update.

8-bit Theatre- The king of sprite comics. An adventure through the world of Final Fantasy with an idiot, an evil mage, the world's greatest thief, and a powergamer. Swordchucks.
(Updates: Tu Th Sa)

Alpha Shade- Incredibly classy anime-inspired comic about a world on the edge of war. Incredible art and an engaging universe.
(Updates: Irregularly)

BoxJam's Doodle- A minimalist strip of the highest quality, where a man goes to a job with an orange man he hates in a boat because the artist can't draw cars.
(Updates: Irregularly)

Boy on a Stick and Slither- Best comic about a boy on a stick and a snake *ever*. Paranoid philosophy.
(Updates: M F)

Chopping Block- Take one part Jason, one part Norman Bates, and one part Hannibal Lector. Add ennui and pathos. Serve at body temperature.
(Updates: M Tu W Th)

Clan of the Cats- Chelsea is a witch afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy. Dark and touching.
(Updates: M W Sa)

Closetspace- Two girls, living together, each with a secret... one's a voyeur, the other's physically male. Funny, yet touching.
(Updates: Weekly)

College Roomies from Hell!!!- A guy with a tentacle. A were-coyote with a third eye in his palm. A soul-cat. And college.
(Updates: Daily)

Count Your Sheep- The absolutely adorable tale of Katie, her mom, and their imaginary friend Ship. There are parallels to Calvin & Hobbes, but CYS is sweeter and more wistful.
(Updates: Daily)

Diesel Sweeties- Pixels, romance, robots, and art that whoops your grandma.
(Updates: Weekdays)

Dubious Tales- An understated comic with an ensemble cast of strange characters in a world very much like this one. Classy.
(Updates: M F)

Errant Story- An RPG parody with teeth. From the artist of Exploitation Now.
(Updates: M W F)

Exploding Dog- Send him a title, and if you're lucky, he'll draw a magnificent, touching, minimalist drawing loosely based on it.
(Updates: Irregularly)

Fallen Angels Used Books- Incredible. The mysterious story of a used-book-store owner visited by a girl with wings. Amazing graphite work.
(Updates: Tu F)

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic- Tentacle sex is funny. Chibi sex is funny. This comic is funny.
(Updates: Su)

Girly- The "sequel" to Cutewendy, about a ruminating girl and the woman who wants to make her into a sidekick.
(Updates: Irregularly)

Mac Hall- A delightfully unhinged college comic with art so good, he complains when he's twice as good as I am.
(Updates: Biweekly)

MegaTokyo- A great storyline, and an anime reference every hour, on the hour! Also: Sad girls in snow.
(Updates: M W F)

Morningstar- Very cool comic about goodness, evil, and the end of the world. The creator's pencil artwork is of professional quality.
(Updates: Irregularly)

Ozy and Millie- Two precocious kids- one a fox, one a wolf- deal with the hypocrisy of the world.
(Updates: Tu Th)

Scary-Go-Round- The tale of a group of British friends in a world of bizzare follies. Colossal art and very funny, too.
(Updates: Weekdays)

Sex & Violence- The story of a sexy robot assassin with the heart of a waitress. Touching.
(Updates: Irregularly)

Sexy Losers- Perversity at its best. Touches upon almost all of the most twisted elements of the human libido, except one. And COT's got that one covered.
(Updates: Weekly)

Sinfest- A great thing. Slick, Monique, and God, among others, discuss life, death, and kung-fu.
(Updates: Daily)

Wigu- The story of a boy, his family, and interdimensional heroes bent on selling him merchandise. Oh, and giant pillbugs.
(Updates: Weekdays)

Inactive Webcomics

I have read the entire archives of these comics to a certain point, but stopped for one reason or another.

Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis- Just what it sounds like. The story of a cyborg Anne Frank developed by a shady government organization. (ON HIATUS)

Boy Meets Boy- The romantic story of two men in love and their soap-opera friends. And, you know, the goth-chic incarnation of evil. (COMPLETED)

Cool Cat Studio- A strip about a design firm. Halfway between a soap opera and The Twilight Zone. (DIED)

Cutewendy- Bizarre and addictive chibi strip involving sex and self-deprecating self-portraits. Links to the archives are on the left. (COMPLETED)

Exploitation Now- "Dance, dance, you little winged whore!" (COMPLETED)

FANS- The epic story of a group of people linked by a love for imagination. Sometimes touching, sometimes biting, always good. (STOPPED BEING FREE)

The Fantastical Bestiary- An odd strip about a land populated by myths. (MIA)

Fat Jesus- A genetic experiment gone awry creates an overweight miracle worker fleeing from his government creators. (ON HIATUS)

Gao- A world of Chinese ideograms expands over the course of 18 months from a simple gag strip to a deep, meaningful gag strip. (COMPLETED)

The Grimbles- A view into an odd and disturbingly touching family. The narrator is my favorite. Rarely updated but worth the wait. (MIA)

The House of LSD- Life at a furry porn company can be hard, especially when it's run by three nymphomaniacal sisters. (MIA)

Krazy Larry- A lobotomy patient, a corporeal conscience, and a store called "Everything But Walnuts". (SWITCHING TO DEAD TREES)

Latex Blue- Bizarre fetishes combine in a world of furries, plushies, and inflatable animals drawn by an impressively well-read synesthesiac. (MIA)

Nowhere Girl- This story makes you really care about its character, a formerly suicidal lesbian who's discovering how to live. (SUSPENDED)

1/0- The ultimate in fourth-wall-breaking comics. What would a self-referential world really be like? (COMPLETED)

Post Sex Clean Up- A pair of normal women run a sex shop called Erotique in the face of baffling adversity. (ON HIATUS)

Return to Sender- A letter arrives in the sealed mail slot. You do what it says. Someone dies. Then, the demons come. Disguised as girl scouts. (ON HIATUS)

Unicorn Jelly- An incredibly deep manga-strip about a group of outcasts who save a perfectly realized world. (COMPLETED)

Wendy- Four girls, hamster cars, sexy android clones, and a pinch of pathos. (ON HIATUS)

When I Grow Up- An oracular Donkey, a car that runs on anger, and governmental conspiracies. (COMPLETED)

Guide to the Icons

The icons mean that a certain comic:
: Contains more-or-less explicit sex or nudity.
: Possesses black humor or sad themes.
: Has magic or traditional fantasy as a theme.
: Has at least one anthropomorphic character.
: Has love or romance as a theme.
: Is self-referential or breaks the Fourth Wall.
: Has science ficton or nontraditional fantasy as a theme.
: Is in a minimalist or chibi style.
: Deals with intelligent issues or possesses a very complex plot.
: Contains bizzare or surreal humor or imagery.
: Goes outside the bounds of normal ethics or morality.
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